Georgia jobless rate hits highest level in 6 months

Georgia jobless rate hits highest level in 6 months.

The actual rate is closer to 17%. We are currently stuck in a vicious cycle. Consumers need to consume more to create demand that will lead employers to hire more employees. Unfortunately, due to high unemployment and the uncertainty surrounding the debt crisis both here and abroad, consumers are spending less (according to a CNN poll 70% of the respondents have cut back) leading to continued reduction in demand which is leading to continued cutbacks by producers.



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3 responses to “Georgia jobless rate hits highest level in 6 months

  1. annette we

    I agreed with many of your comments on unfair trade.

    What could House Republicans do with the cooperation of Filibuster Mcconnell(he runs the Senate, he reuires 60 v0tes to pass anything he wants to pass so if the Republicans want to help us the people they can.

    They pass the laws and if President Obama vetos it then they can override it so the question is are they protecting the wealthy, multi-national corporations or you The tax cuts will create jobs in the U. S. is not true, Look at all of our unemployment and low paid service jobs for 70% of us who do not have college degrees.

    What should they do?? review and cancel all trade arrangements since the United States has not had a positive outcome on one.

    Make all tariffs/restrictions the same on China and other countries as they have on us. This includes tariffs on U. S. companies products which are not made by U. S. Worker.
    Eliminate all tax benefits for companies who take our jobs overseas/also outsource work, make sure no government money is going to outsourcing or companies overseas including U. S. countries
    Eliminate work visas until every American has a job.

    The only job bill/law house republicans passed is one to import nurses in August 2011 before they went on vacation. Do not hold your breath waiting for a jobs bill for us..

    What can we do to try to create jobs here??

    Squeeze multi-national corporations profits let them sell their new products to their workers wherever they are.
    Buy MADE IN U> S> or buy used from your local small
    business, charity stores, craig’s list and keep your money circulating locally, not to China

    • Brian Conway

      Thank you for taking the time to comment :)

      I agree that Congress is more responsible for action (or the lack of) than the President is, though the President should be providing leadership that addresses the concerns of all citizens. I disagree on the effect of tax cuts. One of the reasons that businesses are doing more in foreign countries is because of the lower cost of doing business and the lower tax on profits made. The US has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world at about 31%. In the last two decades many US companies moved their corporate headquarters to other countries in an effort to lower the burden, which brings value to the investors.

      Tax Rates by Country

      What we need to do is rethink our tax structure completely, simplifying it so that is is competitive globally as a way to get all of this off shore money back unto the US. Yes, that means that we should not have any kind of preferential tax loopholes or industry subsidies either. Unemployment is tied closely to consumption, and when employment is down it creates a vicious self perpetuating cycle.

      Business needs consumers to buy their products and services to maintain growth. When Growth stagnates companies lay off workers (consumers) to try and retain their profitability levels and to protect shareholder value. Smart companies also look for new and emerging markets to sell their goods in an effort to continue to grow, and not have to lay off workers. With unemployment rising, consumers start saving as opposed to consuming. This means that there is even less demand in the market place, requiring businesses to take further cost cutting measures resulting in more layoffs, which creates less demand…

      Government’s role is to create an environment that is conductive to a healthy business environment. Our current debt crisis, over regulation, prolonged global conflicts and political gridlock create anything but a good environment for business.

      What are some of the things we can we do to create jobs?
      Make long term commitments to federal debt reduction, financial stability and tax reform. Corporations need to be able to plan ahead for 3 to 5 years.
      No more corporate tax breaks or loopholes.
      Lower the corporate tax rate to be more competitive (I would target 20%)
      Reduce the tax burden on the middle and lower class (this is the bulk of the consumers).
      Deregulate where it is feasible starting with key industries such as Energy (to bring down the cost to consumers)
      Provide additional tax incentives for jobs created in the US (particularly for the long term unemployed)
      Review and adjust tariffs and trade restrictions to force foreign products to compete on a level playing field with US products.

      Government can’t and shouldn’t be creating jobs. Government should be creating the right environment for business success, with will lead to increased employment.

  2. I’d like to see honest stats used, so that the reality – 17.6% – is reported, not the current cooked figures that no one believes. Beginning with something fundamental, like honesty, would be the start of an ethical restoration that could serve as the foundation for taking a long view to addressing our problems, and in so doing help to supply the necessary courage to weather the hard times that will come, regardless of how rosily we continue to color the reality of what surrounds us or whether we choose to shorten them by principled action.

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